Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel

Our Cleansing Gel will remove all excess substances on your skin, leaving it squeaky clean and hydrated! We’ve specially formulated our cleansing gel for all types of irritated, acneic skin and even rosacea. Wash your face with our cleansing gel in the morning to prepare your skin for the day and then again at night to remove your makeup and any bacteria that was collected.

With our uniquely designed delivery system, our Acne SOS line delivers acne-fighting actives (assembled as sub-micron spheres in slow-release capsules) for most effective delivery to your problem areas, without any irritation!


  • NO Sulfates/SLS
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NO Silicones
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Artificial dyes or fragrances
  • Deep cleansing Oil-FREE formula – effectively removes excess oil, surface impurities and make-up.
  • Environment friendly and non-comedogenic
  • Made in USA
  • 50 ml


Use twice daily. Apply with moistened hands and gently lather onto face, then rinse. Follow with Rezâge by Yelena toner and appropriate cream/lotion. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed.


Aloe Vera Gel: Provides soothing and healing effect

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA): Collection of compounds made from familiar food products, like lactic acid derived from sour milk. Use of these compounds has been known for centuries, going back to ancient Egypt. AHAs are known for their great ability to exfoliate and increase blood flow in the skin. They also brighten the skin and minimize fine lines, wrinkles and scar tissues.

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA): Main ingredient of which is salicylic acid. Another great acne-fighting agent. In our products its naturally derived from willow trees. It kills pimple causing bacteria, cleans pores and exfoliates dead skin. BHA complex also possesses a great anti-inflammatory effect.

Watercress Extract: Natural anti-oxidant.

Lavender Extract: Provides calming effect. Great natural disinfectant and healing agent.

Soapwort Extract: Provides great soothing effect on irritated skin, anti-inflammatory agent.

Vitamin B: A vital complex for healthy skin. Very helpful against acne symptoms, such as redness and irritation.


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